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Faster than...

a speeding fat kid

Super, in every way, shape, and form
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Super Heroes and Super Villains

So, welcome to our Super rating community!!! This is a place where we will judge you based on, how super(or evil) you are, your costume, and pretty much whatever else we want to. Share stories of super deeds, foiled plans, and anything else related to your super career.

Don't worry, we're not like a bastard, elitist rating community, this is strictly for fun. just a chance to goof off, and have a good time. Don't worry about being rejected. If you fill out the app, and aren't a dick, you'll most likely be accepted.


-ABSOLUTELY NO elitst losers. We depsise you and will steal your cape.
-No rudeness, we're all Super here. But, threats between heroes and villians are allowed.
-Stay active about your SuperAdventures and other Super-related things.
-Put your superhero name in the subject line when updating, so we remember who you are.
-No spamming
-All promo's NEED to go through a Mod first.
-Be nice to your Mod's, because we're more super than you.
-Vote on applications.

Rules for applicants

-Apply within 48hrs. of joining.
-Make sure application is behind an LJ-cut, quoting some super hero/villian line.
-Put "Faster than a speeding fat kid" in the subject line.
-Try not to use a label (prep, goth, punk, indie) in your superhero name. Make it something like a superpower, or something else about you.
-No posting until you're accepted
-Don't reply to every vote.
-If you get rejected you can re-apply in a week.
-But, honestly, it's not that hard to get in, just don't be a dick.

The Super Application:

-First thing's first, Superhero, or Supervillain?

-Alias (not your real name, that’s dangerous. Your superhero/villain name):


-City you are defending/destroying:

-Complete list of Superpowers:

-Complete list of Weapons you may use (optional):

-Complete list of Allies:

-Complete list of Enemies:

-Why do you want to join our Circle of Superheroes and Villains?

-Promote us somewhere, and give us the link to the page you promoted at:

-At least 4 pictures of you in your super/evil outfit:

And now, In a text box for easier applying-ness.


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And your lovelyCo-Mod

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Not-Quite-As-Smart-As-She-Looks Girl!

_super_nick - Super Nick -MOD
zer0__ - Not-Quite-As-Smart-As-She-Looks Girl - CO-MOD
le_trivium - Trivium
the_debutante - Glitterbomb
tded_crusader - The Dreadlocked Crusader

derdickenninja - Der Dicken Ninja (The Fat Ninja) - MOD
sicklullabies - Phantasma
purplefairy12 - Deadly Nightshade


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Mods only. Or we'll beat you with our powers.

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