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Tell what you think? What should the Title be?


On the planet Wrath group of 5 people are all friends and connected in one way. They have extraordinary abilities and can do things that no one else can explain. Royale and Silk two old time friend and entrepreneurs decides to build an army and experiment with their own D.N.A.s which also contains the extra cells that contribute to people’s extraordinary ability.  They decided to go into the group’s town and start recruiting. Students from a college some of those friends attend. When They snatch a person they care about then things start to get heated.  These group of friends have ever been out of their country, so they have no idea what is out in the world when they have to venture across it together to get to Royale’s hideout. What heroes will they meet in the journey? What obstacles will they take? Are relationships and friendships at risk?  Could the answer be in their bloodline?

Leave comments or feedback, Come up with a title. Give me your honest opinion, I can take it. If you like it and wanna know more keep updated on my profile, where I will be posting character bios and updates.
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