crashnebula (crashnebula) wrote in heroes_villians,

Faster than a speeding fat kid

The Super Application:

-First thing's first, Superhero, or Supervillain? Superhero

-Alias (not your real name, that’s dangerous. Your superhero/villain name): Mackerel Man!

-Age: 19

-City you are defending/destroying: Derby

-Complete list of Superpowers: The ability to re-animate deceased Mackerel, the ability to commune with the spirits of deceased Mackerel warriors, the ability to breath under fresh-water (not salt water), the proportionate strength and speed of a Mackerel and finally the ability to smell really, really bad.

-Complete list of Weapons you may use (optional): Mackerel-a-rang, bionic fins and a hook hand to make me look like a pirate, arrrrrr, it matches my patch.

-Complete list of Allies: The Mackerel Corps Of Justice For All Fresh Water Folk!

-Complete list of Enemies: The Uber Evil Anti-Matter Mackerel Corps Of Evil-Doing And Such Things!

-Why do you want to join our Circle of Superheroes and Villains? To let the know that with great odour comes, very few ladies. That and I was wondering if you get dental?

-I'm working on the promotion and outfit.
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