crashnebula (crashnebula) wrote in heroes_villians,

Faster than a speeding fat kid

The Super Application:

-First thing's first, Superhero, or Supervillain? Superhero

-Alias (not your real name, that’s dangerous. Your superhero/villain name): Mackerel Man!

-Age: 19

-City you are defending/destroying: Derby

-Complete list of Superpowers: The ability to re-animate deceased Mackerel, the ability to commune with the spirits of deceased Mackerel warriors, the ability to breath under fresh-water (not salt water), the proportionate strength and speed of a Mackerel and finally the ability to smell really, really bad.

-Complete list of Weapons you may use (optional): Mackerel-a-rang, bionic fins and a hook hand to make me look like a pirate, arrrrrr, it matches my patch.

-Complete list of Allies: The Mackerel Corps Of Justice For All Fresh Water Folk!

-Complete list of Enemies: The Uber Evil Anti-Matter Mackerel Corps Of Evil-Doing And Such Things!

-Why do you want to join our Circle of Superheroes and Villains? To let the know that with great odour comes, very few ladies. That and I was wondering if you get dental?

-I'm working on the promotion and outfit.
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I'm sorry, we don't have dental.

In fact, we don't even update much.

But we're working on it! And new applicants is just what we need!

I give you a big fat Yes.
WHAT!?!? No dental!?!?

This is bullshit...

Yes by the way.
mackerel.. that makes me laugh!
To let the know that with great odour comes, very few ladies.
hello lover.
x x x
Sorry bout that, I meant to type "to let the world know".
Consider that a typo.
Or stupidity, which ever works better.

I have finally advertised this group on one of my friends sites, he is rather popular, so hopefully people will see it.
By popular I mean, people actually read his blog, as opposed to mine, grumble.
Oh well. I don't care I'll ramble incoherently like a fool, a fool I tell you!